When EPA’s regulations on sulfur content in diesel were lowered, there were many concerns if the ‘NEW” diesel would perform as well in older equipment.  With many concerns and dislikes of the 15PPM  Sulfur content in diesel, Max Arnold & Sons, LLC chose to find a solution. We talked with many companys about their different additives and felt Primrose Oil Company had the  additive which gave the most benefits and protection.

Both Ultra Low Sulfur Diesels, off road and on road, at ALL our Bulkplants are treated to ensure our customers of using a high quality diesel fuel. We also highly recommend the use of the Premium Select Additive on all our Transport Delivery Customers.

Industry wide there have been tank corrosion issues because of  15PPM ULSD’s chemical structure. (SEE REPORT) Premium Select Additives help to eliminate the corrosive nature of ULSD with their Fuel Stabilizer and Rust Inhibitor package, Water Dispersion package, and Acid Neutralizers.

Premium Select Diesel


What kind of diesel do you use in your equipment?