Our Maxfuel automated cardlock gasoline / diesel fuel system allows users to fill their tank anytime day or night without cash. The system accurately records each fillup providing you with an accurate profile of your business fuel usage.

Maxfuel automated cardlock system can help save you money. Each gallon purchased is absolutely identified so you know exactly where your fuel dollars are going. This information has proven to reduce the misuse of expensive motor fuels by employees, turning unmanageable costs into profit.

Companies using the Maxfuel automated cardlock system are issued a card for each vehicle that looks like a credit card.  All employees who have access to the vehicles are issued a PIN. When you need fuel simply drive to one of our convenient locations, insert the vehicle card and punch in the required information and fuel your vehicle. Our computerized system takes care of the rest by tracking the user, vehicle, time, amount of fuel purchased, mileage, and MPG giving you complete control of managing your fuel dollars.

Because each Maxfuel card is encoded and controlled, it is a secure system enabling only the cardholder access to costly motor fuels. Even if a card were to be lost, the card could not be used by a stranger. However, Maxfuel has the capability of locking out a single card immediately upon request.

Maxfuel automated cardlock system can save you money over owning your own tanks.  With tanks on your property come the expense of evaporation, spillage, pilferage, electricity for the dispensing equipment costs, maintenance, additional cost of property liability insurance, meeting EPA standards, and cost involved from spills involving EPA.

Maxfuel Automated Cardlock Fueling System Offers

* 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation.

* Computer-monitored fueling system.

* Unmanned operation! With the absence of human intervention no ticket   manipulation can occur. The computer system secures exact gallon   accounting.

* In the event of a fuel shortage, gasoline allocation is guaranteed.

* Easy access to fill your vehicle.

* Competitive prices.

* Eliminates fuel shrinkage.

Maxfuel Automated Cardlock Fueling System Provides

* Security code identification.

* Fuel type limitation.

* Tank capacity limitation.

* Lock-out capability.

* Eliminates the need to give your employees cash to purchase fuel and a   snack or two!

* Eliminates the need to give your employees credit cards to purchase fuel   doing away with the credit card bill with a few extra purchases other than fuel!

* Simple to use, quick fueling time – fast in fast out!

* Maxfuel automated cardlock system provides you with the most complete   monthly fuel use statement available:

* Vehicle description.

* Date and time of day of the fuel purchase.

* Location of fueling.

* Odometer reading and miles per gallon per vehicle.

* Gallons and price at time of purchase.

* Fuel typed purchased.

* A consolidation of fueling transactions for each vehicle letting you see at a   glance fuel purchases for a particular vehicle